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The students possess detailed knowledge about the latest products associated with the fields of construction technology and construction-related automation. The planning offices, construction sites and buildings are selected based on current issues and examples related to the domains associated with the implementation of smart buildings and the associated components. By means of anonymized data of website users we can optimize the user flow. The students are now able to independently and successfully manage projects even with respect to quality assurance. The students are capable of assessing the environmental relevance of the production processes and products that are found in the construction industry and the field of architecture. Thereby many aspects of energy saving becomes a subject of discussion, review and analysis. The lectures are complemented by exercises with practical demonstrations and sample calculations. Furthermore, they are also capable of independently creating norm-based technical diagrams. The students are well-acquainted with the critical components and systems of a smart building. They acquire basic knowledge for calculating the energy balance of a building and determining the comfort of spaces. Basic principles and in-depth knowledge about topics such as biomass, near-surface geothermal energy and active solar energy use (solar heat and photovoltaics) are imparted. FH Open Campus - Online 03.12.2020 15.04.2021 01.07.2021. Alles zum Masterstudium Smart Buildings in Smart Cities an der FH Salzburg: Anzahl der Studierenden, Dauer, Abschluss, Kosten, Studienplan, Voraussetzungen, Inhalt und Berufsfelder. Furthermore, the students are capable of using the appropriate types of media to illustrate the contents of the plan in question in a vivid and technically correct manner. They are also capable of identifying and mapping out the options and measures associated with the required reconstruction-related and developmental tasks. The lecture is supplemented with practice sessions with practical presentations and calculation examples. Die FH Salzburg bietet ihren 3.000 Studierenden in den Disziplinen "Ingenieurwissenschaften", "Sozial- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften", "Design, Medien & Kunst" sowie "Gesundheitswissenschaften" beste akademische Ausbildung mit hohem Praxisbezug. Furthermore, they can use the relevant technical rules and apply the said rules to secondary disciplines. Curriculum Vitae Florian P. Breitwieser, PhD Position: Post-doctoral research fellow ... 2003-2007 DI (FH) [equiv MSc] in Bioinformatics at Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences ... Software engineer for study project for the University Hospital Salzburg. Zur Voranmeldung sende bitte ein E-Mail an: office.sem@fh-salzburg.ac.at oder einfach das Formular unten auf der Seite ausfüllen. The Center for Human-Computer Interaction is an interdisciplinary research group at the University of Salzburg. Its goal is to build the foundation for success in the test that must be taken by environmental consultants. The students can write a bachelor's thesis based on practical considerations. They are capable of implementing the required techniques and possess the necessary key qualifications. They also acquire skills that relate to claim management. Vollzeit Holztechnologie & Holzwirtschaft Master ... DAS CURRICULUM mASTEr * Das 3. The topics and contents are defined by the respective teachers, or in a collaborative process involving the students and the teachers. Diskrete Ereignissysteme 3 (2) Parallel Computing 3 (2) Big Data Engineering 3 (2) Industrielle & Medizinische Bildverarbeitung 3 (2) Second Connection MMP3 MultiMediaArt. Planning competencies are imparted as are those for the use and integration of analogue and digital technologies. The involvement of companies is a key success factor for the development of new training concepts. The lecture is supplemented with practice sessions containing practical presentations and calculation examples. Individual social competence and communication-related competence 2. Established in 2005 as research unit at the former ICT&S Center, currently approx. Joint master programme of FH Salzburg and Center of Human-Computer Interaction, Salzburg University The digital revolution is not about technology – it’s about people. FH Salzburg also provides several academic and non-academic facilities and services to students including a library, housing, sports facilities, study abroad and exchange programs, as well as administrative services. The said topics and examples are, within the context of the general developments in the domain of smart building systems, discussed by the seminar group. They know vectors, matrices and determinants, Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors and their use for solving linear differential equations. FH Salzburg GmbH contact details: Human Resources and Legal Affairs department, Urstein Süd 1, 5412 Puch bei Hallein, +43 (0)50 2211 1012, humanresources@fh-salzburg… The students are acquainted with the latest examples of smart building construction methods, and are able to provide technical information regarding these methods. The students are trained in the basic disciplines of the construction domain. They learn how to use the practical and theoretical knowledge that they have acquired in a professional environment. They become familiar with the basic principles associated with creating and assessing energy performance certificates. Management der FH Salzburg bietet eine fundierte Ausbildung in der Informationstechnologie. The lecture is supplemented with practice sessions containing practical presentations and calculation examples. The relevant technical, ecological and economic components are demonstrated to the students. They can generate the cutting principles and basic equations for expansion and bending rods and calculations of moment diagrams of statically defined systems. 2, 5020 Salzburg Austria They systematically develop the bachelor thesis which is oriented towards the specialisation subjects. The course deals with topics of legal studies in building construction including the EU guidelines and specifications with respect to the environmental and energy law. The students are in a position to apply the basic knowledge and skills of construction. Mit dem Fokus auf Innovation in Forschung und Lehre sowie der internationalen Orientierung wird die FH Salzburg zur … Students learn how to evaluate and classify structurally defined and undefined systems. The students are competent to have a discussion on architecture projects and the built surroundings. The respective function and joints of the components wall, façade, floor and roof are explained. Differences between controls and regulations, logical connections, combinatorial circuits and synthesis methods are known. The lecture is supplemented with practice sessions containing practical presentations and calculation examples. Wien/Salzburg/Kuchl (A) Am 13. The students know the basic principles of feedback control systems in supply engineering and are introduced to the control technology. This enables them to hone their skills and expand their knowledge in several technical fields and various fields associated with construction planning. FH Salzburg. The students possess detailed knowledge about the latest topics and systems associated with the domains of building management, the automation systems that are used in buildings and energy management. The components of 'Integration module' are building simulation, core 2 and English. FH Salzburg - Portfolio Toggle Navigation. In addition, they are capable of recognising and analysing corresponding results and defect estimations and develop optimisation possibilities. They are also capable of discussing new developments. They become familiar with the basic principles associated with planning a construction project and become acquainted with the construction sequence. Discussion and presentation of current topics from the field of Smart Building, energy engineering and sustainability, extraction and summary of relevant facts from specialist papers, formulation of requirements, specifications, suggestions, written and telephonic agreement on deadlines, building up of technical vocabulary. Students get to know about the facts regarding environmentally-friendly construction. Bootcamp; RaceCopter; it's TowerPower; Studium. Construction and Building Technology Competences 4. Intelligent energy concepts for built large-scale projects are the focus and should offer the participants conceptual approaches for their future working life. Bachelorstudiengänge. Mit dem Fokus auf Innovation in Forschung und Lehre sowie der internationalen Orientierung wird die FH Salzburg zur … In the course, the students gain insight into the analytical geometry in the two and three-dimensional space. This accompanying seminar reflects and analyses topics and examples that are drawn from the course (the selected chapters dealing with smart building systems). Scientific and engineering-oriented basic principles 1. They are able to recognise and rectify practical problems in the execution of the project as well as interpretation problems. Based on the previous projects 1 and 2 from the first academic year, the students are in a position to develop an integrated building concept as a unit of utilisation, construction and design with focus on the structure, envelope and technical facilities of the building. Human-Computer Interaction This portfolio shows some projects from our Masters program, both from research and from collaboration with industry. The students are capable of using a current case study to illustrate the aspects of smart buildings and the trends associated with them. In the foundations of Energy Technology the students learn about the spectrum of field of technology and are made familiar with the essential areas of classic energy technology and the newer regenerative energy generation. Die FH Salzburg ist die starke Hochschule im Westen Österreichs und steht für Innovation und Relevanz. Construction and Building Technology Competences 2. This course either arranges visits to companies, construction sites and buildings featuring smart building systems (or, as the case may be, the entities that manufacture the components of the said systems) or uses technical lectures to provide the students with the relevant information. The lecture is supplemented with practice sessions containing practical presentations and calculation examples. The students acquire planning-related abilities and are skilled in using and integrating analogue and digital technology. FH Salzburg is a small institution with a large selection of classes in English. The students use the geometric presentation process to develop their spatial sense and are in a position to prepare accurate drawings. Furthermore, they are familiar with the instruments that facilitate the efficient utilisation of the said resources. Integral system solutions associated with the following trades are considered as examples: heating engineering, ventilation engineering, the field of air-conditioning technology, sanitary engineering, electrical engineering and the field of information technology. The students are introduced, within the framework of the course, to matters associated with the displaying and the utilisation of building certificates. Functional building design requirements, historical background and development of individual building typologies, implementing the surface structure/space allocation and utilisation plans in a building structure, resource and surface efficiency, efficiency requirements with respect to building designs, site influences on the building design, requirements from planning and construction work flows. The students become familiar with the approaches that can be used to implement e-mobility systems in existing and new building-designs. The students are capable of carrying out a systematic analysis in order to reflect the strengths and weaknesses of their own and their resources' expertise. Jöchtl: "In order to design the best possible curriculum and to prepare students optimally for the job market, we need up-to-date know-how from the business community." FH Salzburg. 1999 - 2000 Univ. OpeningTitle Fantasy MultiMediaArt The theses are based on the knowledge that has been acquired and make it possible to develop innovative solutions to the problems that currently exist within the domain of planning the construction of sustainable buildings. The students get an overview of the construction and building typologies depending on their specific use. The case study analysis-teaching concept encourages practical implementation of theory. Bachelorstudiengänge. Förderer; Rückblick; IKT Forum. The students can work well in a team, can plan the work process and building specific service phases, and can communicate results. They acquire knowledge about building regulations and structures of building constructions and basic knowledge regarding load-bearing capacity and usability of structures. Different topics related to energy-optimised construction are emphasised upon during day trips. The students acquire knowledge of the basic principles, models and techniques of teamwork. This course arranges visits to suitable planning offices, construction sites and buildings featuring components found in smart buildings (or, as the case may be, the entities that manufacture the components in question) and uses technical lectures to provide the students with the relevant information. With the usage of the analysis cookies, your data will be probably transferred to the USA. The students learn how to carry out interdisciplinary, application-oriented projects, supported by computers, for various trade disciplines – heating/air-conditioning/electrical engineering, focusing heavily on the preparation of construction, building and operation documentation. The connection between solid construction, frame construction (timber and steel construction) as well as the principles and typologies of the load-bearing systems are known. It substantiates, deepens and imparts problem-specific and method-specific knowledge and ability and makes a significant contribution to education (oriented towards the vocational field) at the university level. Through this, they will become qualified points of contact in the planning of high-energy efficient buildings and are able to competently advise developers. Alles zum Bachelorstudium Soziale Arbeit an der FH Salzburg: Anzahl der Studierenden, Dauer, Abschluss, Kosten, Studienplan, Voraussetzungen, Inhalt und Berufsfelder. Created at the Alps Meetup 2020, the RoadMap to Change is a concept created for reducing private traffic around the world. Babette Grabner, Babette.Grabner@fh-salzburg.ac.at Midwifery Eva-Maria Schwaighofer MAS, Eva-Maria.Schwaighofer@fh-salzburg.ac.at Information Technology & Systems Management You have to choose one from each institution: Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (SUAS), Paris Lodron University of Salzburg (PLUS) The elective courses comprise. University Identity. The lecture is supplemented with practice sessions containing practical presentations and calculation examples. Those have two functions: On the one hand they are providing basic functionality for this website. The students acquire the expertise associated with the following activities: Discussing current (case-based) examples from the domain of innovative building technology, creating memos, reports and a brief version of a project proposal, presenting and defending a project. The students are capable of analysing the functionality of existing buildings. Tanja Fritsche Mitarbeit am FH-Studiengang für Holztechnik und Holzwirtschaft, Fachhochschule Salzburg GmbH, Standort Kuchl 1998 - 1999 Forschungsassistent am Institut für Mathematik, Universität Salzburg (FWF Projekt P12441-MAT, quasi-Monte Carlo Methoden). The topic of fire prevention deals with the building control requirements, which must be adhered to for the individual subsections of the building if the architect needs to assume the role of a 'Specialist site engineer for fire prevention'. Find more information regarding cookies on our Data Protection Declaration and regarding us on the Imprint. The basic principles of sustainable building are illustrated. 07.01.2021 14:05 FH Münster setzt sich beim Förderprogramm HAW.International durch Katharina Kipp Pressestelle Fachhochschule Münster. The distribution process for using renewable energies is presented and analysed during the lecture. The issue of fire protection relates to legal building requirements, which have to be considered in each of the individual elements of the building, if the architect wishes his/her building to be considered as a competent “fire prevention construction.“ The students are familiar with presenting, the vocabulary and communicating with other engineering disciplines. Furthermore, they also become familiar with how the systems in question can be used to facilitate self-supervision and external supervision. The students become familiar with the basic principles associated with thinking in three dimensions and three-dimensional representation. In exercises through discussion, group work and the use of international case studies, practical examples are discussed. They understand the important relationships in the subject areas of energy and building technology. Dec. curriculum physiotherapie ausbildung. If you have any further questions, let us know! The students maintain an overview of the building physics fundamentals for the supply of both daylight and artificial light in buildings and preliminary knowledge of static and dynamic thermal building simulation: realistic reproduction for time influences. In addition to acquiring the ability to detect the networking options (with regard to a professional environment) associated with their field of study, they also become capable of detecting the ways in which their field of study can be utilised in their professional lives. This enables us to improve website content. Alles zum Bachelorstudium Betriebswirtschaft an der FH Salzburg: Anzahl der Studierenden, Dauer, Abschluss, Kosten, Studienplan, Voraussetzungen, Inhalt und Berufsfelder. The students are taught to communicate their specialised knowledge and carry on discussions in an interdisciplinary manner. They can understand and operate automation devices and their connection to a combined building automation and building management system as well as interfaces between various software packages. The students acquire the skills associated with the processes of creating and checking revised tenders. The students can, in case of situations involving energy-related reconstructions or plans for new energy-efficient structures, provide advice to builders regarding the funding-related options associated with the respective measures. Knowledge of computer system components, operating systems, computer networks as well as basic Internet technologies and basic knowledge of structured and object-oriented software development including relevant software tools is imparted. Mag. Presentation methods, identification, analysis and handling of risks (risk management) in building technology, building management and building automation. Furthermore, they will know the methods used for quality management as well as for reviewing the expected competent performance. Construction and Building Technology Competences 1. They can analyse the framework conditions and use specific work steps to develop the project. The students acquire the basic knowledge of verbal and non-verbal communication. Based on this, they can develop complete solutions for the system of a smart building. The students become familiar with building-management systems and the facilities associated with communications, domestic engineering, notifications related to the utilisation of the buildings and danger alarm messages. Mit dem Fokus auf Innovation in Forschung und Lehre sowie der internationalen Orientierung wird die FH Salzburg zur … Die FH Salzburg bietet ihren 3.000 Studierenden in den Disziplinen "Ingenieurwissenschaften", "Sozial- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften", "Design, Medien & Kunst" sowie "Gesundheitswissenschaften" beste akademische Ausbildung mit hohem Praxisbezug. Bootcamp; RaceCopter; it's TowerPower; Studium. They learn to analyse their strengths and weaknesses and translate their personal communications behaviour through role plays and practice sessions. They are familiar with the important basic principles of internal and external communication, and can use the right instruments to facilitate such communication. The course can also cover the relevant legal and economic subjects and developments. The interdisciplinary curriculum draws on social sciences and IT, including areas like interaction design, natural-user interface development, image and signal processing, prototyping and psychology. They get to know the conventional systems of technical building equipment and their components for production, distribution and delivery and/or utilisation. The maximum duration is the prescribed duration of the curriculum plus one semester. Rückblick 2019; Rückblick 2017; Rückblick 2014 ; ITs Project Award. The OWS is conceived as a comprehensive programme, which comprises scholarships and special study expenses, ... (Uni Salzburg, Uni Innsbruck, FH Salzburg, MCI, FH … The case study, created in the workshop Urban Mobility, targets the parking lot problem at the FH Salzburg. Moreover, they are introduced to the construction site equipment and logistics and can get an overview into the construction operation. The students are familiar with the fundamental principles of the building simulation. Furthermore, group activities are used to teach them teamwork. They are well-acquainted with the subject-specific manner of representation and the technical vocabulary, which enables them to communicate with those whose fields of study are related to other engineering disciplines. Paris Lodron University of Salzburg. Production, transformation and distribution are recognised as important elements in this field of work, including your responsibility for efficiency and resource conservation. They have the basic knowledge of programming and can practically implement concrete IT problems. Bachelor, Master or Continuing Education? The following topics are addressed: construction of storeys, halls and low buildings, wall and frame constructions, integrated building concepts, construction and form, complex envelope systems: single and additional leaf, homogeneous and layered analysis of model buildings.

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