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Dear colleagues, in a time of physical distancing, it is more important than ever to continue disseminating science. Supported OS ChangeLog. Copy sent to Debian Seafile Team . You are allowed to copy, modify, distribute and present parts or the whole document. Acknowledgement sent to Christoph Martin : Extra info received and forwarded to list. Available for students and employees of the universities of Rhineland-Palatinate. 21 55122 Mainz Tel +49 6131 39-0 Fax +49 6131 39-22919 VAT ID: DE 149 065 685. The members of the Seafile educational community will organize a workshop on Seafile in Rome at Bibliotheca Hertziana - Max-Planck-Institute for Art History on January the 31st 2019. With Seafile the university of Mainz provides a central sync-and-share-platform (similar to Dropbox and Google Drive). Seafile was the name chosen for their software project. The University of Mainz (full name Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz) (German: Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz) is a public research university in Mainz, Rhineland Palatinate, Germany, named after the printer Johannes Gutenberg since 1946. FSV Mainz 05 występujący w niemieckiej 1. Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz 55099 Mainz Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz. Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz with its more than 100 institutes and clinics, the Mainz School of Music and the Mainz Academy of Fine Arts can be said to be THE research hub in Rhineland-Palatinate. The Direction Informatique of University Strasbourg, the Zentrum für Datenverarbeitung at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and the Computer- und Medienservice at the Humboldt University of Berlin will organise a workshop on Seafile on October 19th and 20th, 2017 in Strasbourg.. 7.0.5 64bit. 3. Saarstr. Up to 2019, Seafile has over 2,000,000 users worldwide. 1. Sync, share and collaborate across devices and teams. Moguncja) – miasto na prawach powiatu w kraju związkowym Nadrenia-Palatynat; Mainz-Kastel – dzielnica Wiesbaden; Osoby: Otgar von Mainz – arcybiskup; Friedrich A. Mainz – niemiecki producent filmowy; Inne: 1. Competent supervisory authority Contact. Server for generic Linux. Seafile Ltd. - Main Developer of Seafile. Virtual machines (Cloud Computing) come with a small amount of disk space, but if large storage capabilities are needed, Seafile can provide fast and reliable datastorage. 7.1.5 64bit. Add an account on your private Seafile server or our public server. FSV Mainz 05; Mainz Hauptbahnhof – stacja kolejowa; Mainz-Laubenheim – przystanek kolejowy; Mainz Römisches Theater – stacja kolejowa IT-Services Institute for Nuclear Physics Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz Johann-Joachim-Becher-Weg 45 55128 Mainz, Germany. Seafile supports authentication via Shibboleth. The primary audience of this workshop are universities, colleges and … Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz is a public corporation. E-Mail: Repository activity. Seafile Sync Client. Bundeslidze. It has a nationally and internationally visible research profile, with particular strengths in the natural sciences and medicine. With approximately 32,000 students (2018) in about 100 schools and clinics, it is among the largest universities in Germany. Repository Packages Projects Feeds; Total Newest Outdated Installing and Using Seafile Client. Mainz. Seafile based cloud services at universities The Zentrum für Datenverarbeitung (ZDV) at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and the Computer- und Medienservice (CMS) at the Humboldt University of Berlin will organize their first workshop on Seafile at universities on October 5th and 6th, 2015. Seafile is an open source file sync&share solution designed for high reliability, performance and productivity. Upcoming Events. This document is for Seafile Server version lower than 6.3, if the server version is 6.3 or above, please refer to this document. History. In 2009, Daniel Pan and other former students of Tsinghua University, Beijing embarked on a project aiming at building a peer to peer file sharing software, hence a system that does not rely on a centralized server. Maintainer See Server Manual. Overview¶ Shibboleth is a widely used single sign on (SSO) protocol. Telefon: +49 6131 39-25802 (reception) set by the proxy servers. Try it now › Thus, even large data packages can be shared and jointly edited in real time with just one click, and scans can be saved directly in Seafile. Seafile can retrieve user information from special request headers (HTTP_REMOTE_USER, HTTP_X_AUTH_USER, etc.) Der Seafile Sync Client synchronisiert Ihre Bibliotheken auf dem Seafile Server mit Ihrem Arbeitsplatzrechner: Synchronisierte Bibliotheken werden lokal abgespeichert und Sie können in der gewohnten Desktop-Umgebung arbeiten. Seafile Workshop 2017. Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) independently carried out an evaluation of online file storage and sharing solutions. Fachhochschule Mainz; część politechniki katolickiej; Instytut Chemii Maxa Plancka (Max-Planck-Institut für Chemie – Otto-Hahn-Institut) Instytut Badań nad Polimerami Maxa Plancka (Max-Planck-Institut für Polymerforschung) Sport. Repository Packages Projects Feeds; Total Newest Outdated Contact. Online SPICE-SPIN+X Seminars. Build your team's knowledge base with Seafile's built-in Wiki feature. Shibboleth Authentication for Seafile v6.3+ This document is for Seafile Server version 6.3 or above, if the server version is lower than 6.3, please refer to this document. Dies bietet Ihnen den Vorteil, die Dateien bequem in Ihre Seafile-Bibliothek verschieben und auf Ihre mobilen Geräte synchronisieren zu können. Contact Thomas Scheffczyk Universität Mainz. (Tue, 05 Mar 2019 11:21:03 GMT) (full text, mbox, link). JGU unites almost all academic disciplines under one roof, including the Mainz University Medical Center, the Mainz Academy of Fine Arts, the Mainz School of Music, and the Faculty of Translation Studies, Linguistics, and Cultural Studies in Germersheim. The primary audience of this workshop are universities, colleges and other educational institutions. DIGITAL TEACHING | FACTSHEET SEAFILE WEBSITE: | E-Mail: This document is provided to you by the Competence Team Digital Teaching under the license CC0 1.0. Maintainer Seafile is developed by a group of experienced experts on storage, distributed systems and web technology from Seafile Ltd.. Niemcy: Mainz (pol. Add an account. Starting from 7.0.0, Seafile can integrate with various Single Sign On systems via a proxy server. Data stored with Seafile is secured, backed up regularly, … E-mail address: seafile-workshop [at] Mar 03, 2021 - Mar 05, 2021 CECAM/TRR 146 workshop "Propagation of uncertainty and chaos in multiscale systems" , Mainz, Online Event No installation needed, just extract and run setup script. Ihre Dateiänderungen werden automatisch auf den Seafile Server hochgeladen und mit anderen geteilt. Particles and Nuclei International Conference 2020 in the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon. Klub piłkarski 1. After downloading Seafile client program, you have 3 steps left to get it up and running. We also provide docker based installation. Package seafile version 7.0.8 in Parrot is outdated by 7.0.9, 2020-07-30T12:47:31+00:00 June 1, 2020 Workshop on “ Precision-measurement Searches for New Physics ” … Select a disk partition to store local Seafile data 2. Scannen an Seafile – Scans direkt in Seafile speichern An den Multifunktionsgeräten können Sie Ihre Dokumente einscannen und direkt an Seafile senden. It is legally represented by its President, Professor Dr. Georg Krausch. 8.0.2 64bit. Der Seafile Drive Client bildet alle Bibliotheken eines Benutzers im Dateisystem des Computers ab und macht sie so direkt im Dateimanager verfügbar. Seafile Cloud Based Data Storage. The cloud solution for universities of Rhineland-Palatinate. Shibboleth Authentication for Seafile v6.2. Seafile server (Community Edition >= 4.1.0, Pro Edition >= 4.0.6) supports authentication via Shibboleth. Sync a … Mit dem Drive Client können Sie sofort auf alle Ihre Bibliotheken zugreifen, ohne sie vorher synchronisieren zu müssen. Sharing materials of any kind for teaching and jointly editing documents is easy in Seafile. Package seafile version 7.0.10 in Debian Unstable is up to date, 2020-11-11T15:20:52+00:00 As a result, Seafile in conjunction with CEPH have been E-Mail: Repository activity. Overview¶ Shibboleth is a widely used single sign on (SSO) protocol. It is also used in large organizations and commercial companies like University of Mainz and Kaspersky Lab. Examples include Apache as Shibboleth proxy, or LemonLdap as a proxy to LDAP servers, or Apache as Kerberos proxy. JGU staff have 100GB of storage space each and students 20GB each.

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